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If you're a web host, network administrator, cyber security professional or other internet native, then cyberspace is your neighborhood. You know it can get a little dicey at times; rife with malware, ransomware, worms, trojans and other things generally unhealthy for the network population under your care. We all face the same threats; let’s start looking out for each other.

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Introducing RIDEN

Detecting, analyzing and blocking malicious threats on the internet isn't a new idea. But centralizing the first two so the third is automatic? We think that's pretty new and amazing.

RIDEN Community Watch

The RIDEN community grows every day, each installed client adding to the number of attacks thwarted every minute. The map to the right displays the origins of malicious activity detected by the RIDEN Community today. The legend at the bottom left shows just how many bad guys RIDEN caught red-handed!


Did your IP address end up in Jail? Need to get unblocked? Check our system for your IP address and get it released.


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Participating in the RIDEN Community provides protection for your servers from malicious attacks originating around the globe.

Join the RIDEN Community today and help us build this open source effort.

Q: What stage of development is RIDEN currently in?

Though the bones of RIDEN have been in use for over a decade; the living, breathing, community-ready version of the RIDEN software is just entering the most basic of beta stages. We're at the point where we need to let it out into the wild in order for it to grow, and grow the community of users interesting in contributing. The source code is available for any registered user during this phase, but soon you will see us on GitHub.

Q: Is there any limit to the RIDEN service? Is there a cost involved?

No. Today there is no cost or limit to the service; and there will always be a free component to the RIDEN offering because that's very important to us. However, in order to sustain the service as it grows, there may be higher level SaaS offerings in the future which may place limits on the service for free users. As the community grows we will glean an understanding on where best to place those limits so that everyone benefits.

Q: Does RIDEN protection cover only inbound queries to my server?

No. RIDEN also offers protection for outbound queries and will deny access for your users attempting to connect to a server that is on the RIDEN Blocklist aka "Jail". Want to learn how? Click Here.

Q: Will my usage statistics differentiate between “inbound” and “outbound” connections denied?

Not today. This is a feature planned for a future release.

Q: Can RIDEN protection be applied to both Linux and Windows environments?

Yes it can however our initial RIDEN offering can only be used with Linux servers.

Q: Why do I need RIDEN protection if I have a firewall already installed at the network level and security software installed on each user system?

New cyber threats are being unleashed every day and existing firewalls and perimeter security systems cannot possibly be fully updated at all times. RIDEN’s “neighborhood watch” architecture pulls in information from thousands of servers on a continuous basis so you benefit from being part of a community of users.

About Us: The RIDEN Story

Home-grown, literally! RIDEN was developed initially by R&B Communications as a tool to protect our own internal network of servers from intruders and malicious attacks. R&B hosts and maintains websites and server networks for many of our customers and over the years we have implemented measures to ensure these servers are well protected. As we encountered and thwarted a continuous stream of attackers, we began to learn quickly how to identify and stop these intruders.

Two of our lead engineers often discussed the latest attack attempt and what measures were taken to block them. “Jailing algorithms” were often at the heart of the discussions. How long to “jail” a first-time offender and then how much to increase the sentence for a repeat offender? Over time, these discussions evolved further into developing a tool that others could use and that would leverage a "community of users" to produce an optimized "Blocklist" of known attackers. Why not benefit from everyone else’s experience and develop a system of protection where every user’s identified threats are included?

As we push RIDEN out now to the user community, we are truly eager for feedback and comments. We can see many areas for extending the RIDEN service offering but we want to prioritize our efforts based upon what the user community at large is most interested in. Please send us your feedback using the link to the right.

Thank you,
The RIDEN Team at R&B Communications

We Want to Hear from You

We’re open about our mission, our code, and our goals for having RIDEN make a true impact in protecting cyberspace. Whether you’re a web host, network administrator or other cyber security professional, we want to hear from you.